5 days ago, Nigerian Big Boy, Hushpuppi posed with a neon-colored Brabus in matching outfit, and everyone felt the luxurious SUV belonged to the Dubai-based influencer.

Hushpuppi captioned his photo: “My story is filled with broken pieces, bad decisions and some ugly truths. But it is also filled with a major come back, peace in my soul and grace that saved my life”

Just 5 hours ago, Popular Singer and Rapper, Zlatan Ibile posed with the same neon-colored Brabus, that had the same plate number as the one Hushpuppi posed with.

Zlatan Ibile captioned his own photo; “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking !!”

Then an interesting response to Zlatan’s post by Rahman Jago reads; “Different day, different whip & drip”, thus suggesting that the car might belong to the singer.

Now, social media users are confused as to who owns the vehicle. Perhaps Zlatan ‘borrowed’ the vehicle from Hushpuppi for the gram, or Hushpuppi ‘borrowed’ the vehicle from Zlatan.. or maybe, just maybe.. They both borrowed the vehicle for a snap?


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