Anthony Joshua reveals

Professional British-Nigerian boxer, Anthony Joshua has disclosed why he choose to pray for God, instead of praying for himself.

While most people would normally pray and make supplications to God for their needs, Anthony Joshua has deviated from the norm by praying FOR God.

Taking to Snapchat, the two-time heavyweight champion revealed that he prayed for God because it’s good to also protect those who protects us, howbeit small our effort might seem.

Anthony Joshua reveals

According to him, during his night prayers, he prayed for God to be healed and blessed.

He wrote,

“I spoke to my sister on the phone as I was preparing to sleep and she told me “make sure you pray tonight”

So tonight I prayed for God

I normally pray for myself, my family & my friends etc. but tonight I prayed for God and his healing

We got to look out for the ones who we expect 2 always look out for us!

Dear God… I pray for your healing and blessings.


Anthony Joshua reveals

This has stirred mixed reactions online as netizens share their thoughts about one praying for God.

@kirachaana wrote, “Honestly if you feel how heavy the father’s heart because of the sin and idolatry of this world you will have no choice but to ask him if he’s also okay.
God has emotions too and he wants our heart, care and love too.”

@sir_tijaja wrote, “They don use blow shift this one head.”

@im_seajay wrote, “This one na carrying ur one cup of water dey pour inside ocean say u dey support am”

@tobitwigy wrote, “I need to smoke what this bro on 💨”

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  1. At a time looking at the world, d prayer or wish ain’t out of place. Sometimes I just thank God Almighty for all the doings and experience on our behalf. Without asking for anything

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