A mother has taken to Twitter to narrate how a boy who has a crush on her daughter gave his prescription glasses that he can’t see without to her.

According to the girl’s mother, the boy gave up his prescription glasses in an effort to impress his crush.

She added that when she told her daughter that they had to return the glasses since the boy couldn’t see without them, the little girl responded, “Well, he saw what he was doing when he gave them to me.”

Sharing an adorable video of her daughter rocking the glasses on Twitter, the mother wrote,

“One of y’all son’s has a crush on my daughter and gave her his glasses today. His prescription glasses that he cannot see without. Just like a boy doing anything to impress a girl. Giving up the gift of sight is crazy.”

She get on my nerves I’m tryna explain to her we giving it back tomorrow cuz he can’t see without them she like “well he saw what he was doing when he gave them to me”.

Watch video below,

The boy’s gesture has elicited hilarious reactions from adults on social media, see some comments as your scroll.

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