In a new video released by the deadly Boko Haram sect, the Islamic terrorist group has said they were plotting to capture President Muhammadu Buhari.

The footage, narrated in Hausa, is said to have been shot somewhere in Borno State, northeast Nigeria where the sect has its based. It showed suspected terrorists praying on what the narrator said is an Eid ground on Sallah day on Monday.

The video was posted on YouTube on Tuesday and the group said it was using it to send out message that it remained a strong force.


The group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, did not appear in the video, but the narrator said his deputy, whose name was not mentioned, represented him at the gathering.

In the video, which was recorded in composite to capture two Eid grounds, the group stated its willingness to continue its jihad against the Nigerian state and called President Buhari an infidel and threatened to capture him.


“This is our eid prayer from us and by the support of our leader Imam Abubakar Al-Shekau. We are extending our greetings to our people and fighters.

“Message to the infidels and the leader of the entire infidels (kafir) who is the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, that he should know we are very strong and doing very good.

“By the will of Allah under the leadership of our leader (Shekau) will capture Buhari with our hands,” the group said.

The new video also comes a few days after Boko Haram allegedly indicated willingness for a prisoner swap with the Nigerian government in order to release the kidnapped Chibok girls, a move the federal government has said it is willing to consider.

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  1. Breaking news, Boko Haram has captured Buhari, and are demanding for 500 trillion for his release or they will burn him alive, Nigerians pls donate for your President, I have already donated 30 litres of kerosene.

  2. If they capture Buhari,we are finished bcos the leader of Boko Haram wil take over as president.pls lets pray against their will eat man and a broda will eat broda as that time we go know say Buhari regime na heavenly one

  3. To capture our president is never a solution to the present situation rather we are digging our graves more and more And the poor masses are dying and some are being used for Rituals on daily basis. I think the best way is for All sincere and God fearing Christians to go on their knees and pray/call God of Elijah to come to our AID.

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