Nigerian actress Etinosa Idemudia has shared via her page on the X (Twitter) that people who bring a child into this world with no tangible source of income should be jailed.

According to the actress, abortion is better than lifelong suffering because the children didn’t choose to be born into the hardship.

She also advised people who don’t have a stable source of income to stop giving birth to plenty of children.

Her tweet read;

“With all the hungry Innocent children who are suffering all around, are we still against abortion? Isn’t abortion better than lifelong suffering? They never asked to be born into all this hardship. If your own future is not sure why bring an innocent person to life You are not discipline enough to use condom so in your selfishness you get your wife pregnant with the 5th child no house no tangible source of income. Bringing that child into the world should be a crime. If I’m that child I’ll never forgive you You will now hear things like “oh my sweet mother suffered for me. The hustle is for Mama. Her sacrifices made me who I am today. She went hungry so I can eat”… I don’t understand. She no see say food no dey before she born you? She is responsible for you! fam! they owe you!! Next thing the woman will start struggling in front of the children to feed them and send them to school. She and selfish father begin to emotionally blackmail them and make them feel like “ohh see the struggle I’m struggling to send you to school and make you a better future”

The majority however agreed with the actress as they all trooped to the comment section to share their opinions.

Below are some of the comments;

@theaikenspaces:  While abortion is a religious sin, I’m not going to deny the fact that it saves people from a lot of unnecessary issues. And it saves a lot of kids from coming to this world to suffer for their parents mistakes.

@wendy_adamma:  Most people believe children are blessings that’s how they go ahead to give birth to 14 kids and can’t even fend for them.

@_rosythrone:  Most people feel having more kids is a chance of having that one lucky child that will be a blessing to the family. This mentality has to stop abeg

@kalabaripot:  Abortion is not a contraceptive, neither is it a form of birth control. Find ways to not get pregnant at all, till you are financially ready to cater for kids.

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