A 17-year-old African-American Lady, has dragged Davido through the mud, after the latter slid into her DM to call her “broke, fat & ugly”.

It all started when she shaded Davido on Cardi B’s page.. She shaded Davido by writing, “That’s wassup, when you write your own songs”.

Davido blasts 17 year old girl
The 17-year-old lady.

On seeing this, Davido slid into her DM, called her ‘Broke fat and ugly’.

Here’s what she wrote in reaction.. Followed by screenshots of the messages Davido sent her.

Let me tell y’all how your favorite took his time to slide in my dm to bully me calling me name, ugly, fat, broke, mind you I only commented on his comment on cardi page. A girl was rapping, he @davidoofficial commented, “damn”, then I said “THAT WASSUP WHEN YOU WRITE YOUR OWN SONG”.

Matter of fact this is a fact google tells you, YouTube we all know even singer teni said she wrote a song for him.

So I didn’t know your favorite was mad mad. Incase you didn’t know I am 17, this grown ass man took his time, I guess I am important for him to go on my page click send message and even type lol.

Some of y’all might say I am lying or whatever byt screenshot don’t lie. He block me btw. Let talk about how this privileged people misuse it. We all humans. Like damn have caution you don’t talk to people like that okay. Mind you he is calling me ugly at my age you wasn’t even cute. lol.

We all see the throw back I am fat have you measured yourself Lmaoo and yes I am Broke who deson’t know maybe you can pay my Tuition for college since you be 30BG. It not about the money you have it about how do you talk to people yes y’all might say he is good too people and all but sometimes for show off good guy. That is my little experience. But I am disappointed.

Davido blasts 17 year old girl

Davido blasts 17 year old girl



  1. O.B.O was wrong to call a creature of God ugly and I’m sure he said it out of anger. Nobody wey dey Earth wey ugly, All is about money. We are all made in God’s image beautifully and wonderfully

  2. So because David is your role model he can insult someone else abi we Nigerians ehn we are the one causing our down Fall you will see the truth instead of you to say it na problem
    I tire oooo

  3. u are not ugly girl.
    he probably misunderstood u.
    so probably next tym u type at someone,u should come out clearer. u are pretty BTW.ur black complexion is on point

  4. Igbo for you and Davido…. that’s why i will always choose Falz and Adekunle Gold….. the cool ones and they don’t boast all around… all the best anyway is it my own fat,broke or ugly ?

  5. David take it easy ,,,because you have money,then you talk anyhow, no one is born to be poor,, we go make that money one-day

  6. David just take it easy ok. you have a lot of fans so you don’t necessarily respond to any approach without thinking properly.

  7. The thing is… She started it why would you comment such a thing… Michael Jackson didn’t write his songs.. at least most of them,he is a singer not a song writer… It’s now our days where you find most singers to be song writers, seriously that girl is at fault but for davido to react to such childish stuff really pissed me off, she even stated she was 17,no wonder she sounded immaturely.

  8. na wah oh.we Nigerians are the reasons for our problem, no matter the situation, being a star doesn’t mean you are king, always remember that other people were in DAT position b4 u.

  9. This Nigeria self. People will not support d truth. Wen you’re rich and famous, you’re always right. Davido, I like u but you’re wrong this time.

  10. This Nigeria self.
    People will not support d truth.
    She. you’re rich and famous, you’re always right even wen you’re wrong. Davido, I like u but you’re wrong this time.

  11. But seriously she started it. She got what she deserve, plus he even apologiz, mehn with all that money. I will just walk all over human like dust. Haha am just saying. But she got served.

  12. Wow mahn,davido is childish oh ,with all that money and fame you still slide in someone’s dm just to tell her she’s fat, broke and ugly .Its disappointing to see someone of his status do something so immature….Money isn’t everything tho,he was wrong and what is wrong is wrong abeg…Though that chick was also wrong he shouldn’t have said what he said na….I’m also broke ohh but well ,since baba has put himself on one high pedestal and he doesn’t want to hear the truth,who am I to talk?

  13. davido pls try and stop been rude to your fans
    this life is not has hard has the way you think you
    fucking asshole @davido official

  14. this is the problem we have with human beings….once you make money you think you can’t be talk to or tell what to do… sweetheart don’t mind, you’re a wonderful creature okay… you’re better than his girlfriend too.

  15. Mchewwwww……. Ohhhhh,noooo,how can he called her Ugly,broke,and fat,after all she was created by God and so do you…I see no different between you and her you know yourself tonight but you don’t know tomorrow life is dinamic don’t be arrogant stay humble show love and companionate to those that care and concerned About you …

    And let me advice you my dear Nigerians …you know what? We are killing ourselves,, if someone did something wrong we need to say it out becoz we need change we need to be selfless one not selfish ones …. Davido isn’t my brother and I don’t have any relationship Wit him and so do some of you …. Just know this fact that what he did to her, one day will surely come to you ..and if it is you how would you feel??? She is a human being she feels the pain ….
    Am so sorry ma sister never you mind plss,such is life ….
    I don’t know him and I never watch his music but I have hard about his name just In a resent but don’t know him…
    To you His koro- koro fans those of you claiming that you a real fans of him He don’t know you and he might do thesame to you one
    “”Hausawa na cewa kada kaza ayi murna Dan tagan ana figar gashin yar uwarta wataran akanta””

    Stay Humble Davido… Life is dinamic ……you know your today but what of your tomorrow…. Allah almighty has given you a chance so used it in the way that is better
    Idan kunne yaji???!!!!!….

  16. Anyway bad manners is not a nature, but a habit that originated through every human sudden wellbeing or position, the girl should take it easy because this is a world of fun altogether.

  17. U guys have spoken well Davido will peak a brain from what u guys have lamented so far…and let fine way to forgive one another. THANKS ALL


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