Peter Okoye slams

Popular Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye has tackled those who are quick to attribute his success to being a resident of Lagos state.

The singer, in a tweet posted via his official Twitter handle, said he has been repeatedly attacked by Lagosians who call him an ‘ingrate’ for not acknowledging the role Lagos state played in his career, and ordered him to return back to his home state, Anambra.

Peter Okoye slams

Addressing his detractors, Peter said most of them are still broke in the same Lagos they claim made him rich. He then asked if it is forbidden for them to also become successful in Lagos.

He tweeted,

“You made it in LAGOS!
You guys made it in LAGOS!
If not for LAGOS!
You are an ingrate!
Go back to Anambra! yen yen yen!
But you are Broke in your same LAGOS!
Abi dem forbid you to make am for LAGOS?
Go and lick your wounds!
After elections 2023 we go still dey alright!”

A while back, Peter Okoye reacted after he was criticized by some social media trolls for showing off his magnificent home in the US.

A Twitter user @Ibukunshine had commented,

“People like you insulting government officials for buying properties overseas, overseas medical tourism etc and are online talking rubbish are nothing different from the politicians. why don’t you buy properties in ala igbo where ESN will consume you.”

Appalled by the negative reactions, Peter has taken to Twitter to address his critics in a series of tweets.

“They use your hard earned tax payers money to buy houses abroad, train there children in the best school abroad. And even go for medical treatment abroad! You come here dey troll me we dey my house for abroad dey do world tour. You need serious deliverance! Ode!

You praise your oppressors that denied you the best things in this life and come February 2023. they will give you 5k to sell your vote for them. And you think I will be affected My brother! My sister I only want A Better Nigeria VOTE WISELY.” He tweeted.

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