A man identified as Onukwubiri Ifeanyi Kingsley has shared a golden advice for broke people (not gender specific) seeking a partner.

man advises

According to him, a broke person should stay away from a serious relationship until he is relatively stable financially.

He pointed out that Love is about giving not taking, so if you are in a relationship, you must be willing to give something. So if you don’t have money to give your partner, the opportunity cost will be your time.

Ifeanyi’s statement is founded on the basis that if you are consistently giving your time to your partner, you won’t have time to hustle for money, so you will consequently end up poor.

He wrote,

“If u are very broke, comot hand for anytin way concern serious relationship until u are fianancial stable small. Love is about giving not taking. So when u no get money, na ur time u go give & giving ur time will make u more broke, cos no time to find money & u end up poor. Na Advice😒”

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man advises

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