Instagram comedian, Crazeclown has shared a thought-provoking statement on microblogging platform, Twitter.

According to the comedian, if a man is a married with kids and still takes care of his siblings and parents, his wife needs to be respected.

craze clown respect

In his tweet, he stated that women who allow their husbands to provide financial assistance to their families without any fuss or drama, are to be appreciated and respected.

“If your brother is married with kids and he still spends and takes care of his siblings and parents without any drama … Respect his wife, she’s the real MVP.” he tweeted

See his tweet below,

crazeclown respect

Crazeclown’s statement has generated mixed reaction on social media.

While some tweeps agreed with him, some others argued that the wife doesn’t need to be respect because there is nothing special in a married man helping his parents.

See some of the reactions below,

@MiloTall wrote,

“Nothing to respect there, you can’t expect me to abandon my family because I started one with you, if I’m able to help my family I will, don’t care what you say, just like you wouldn’t expect me to stop you from taking care of yours if they need you to.”

@Esperanza_elpis wrote,

“My brother is married with a kid,and any spending he does has drama attached to it
But I’ve stopped expecting anything from him so I would stop being disappointed
I work for my stuffs myself.”

@ithsmy wrote,

“If he’s not giving, we should blame the woman, right?.. That’s not fair, everyone should be accountable for his or her actions, no woman can stop a responsible man from giving to his family, and no woman can make a useless man give to his family…”

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