A fox recently broke into the house of an African family and made itself comfortable in their living room, however, the mother of the house felt disturbed by the unusual occurrence and confronted the wild animal.

A video showing the moment the African mom tackled the fox has been shared online, and it has stirred hilarious reactions on social media.

In the video, the mom could be heard speaking in tongues as she confronted the fox sitting on the living room floor.

African mother goes

She began questioning the fox like it was a demonic agent sent to her home to wreak havoc to her family.

“A fox just came into my house. I come against it in the name of Jesus”, she is heard saying as her daughter burst into laughter.

“What brought you into my house?” the woman queried the fox but it kept staring at her.

She then commanded the fox to confess to it’s mission in her house otherwise she would kill it.

She said, “You must confess. I’m going to kill you.”

Watch the trending video below,

As at the time of filing this report, it’s unclear the country and exact location the video was filmed.

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