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President Muhammadu Buhari is reportedly uncomfortable with having the Aso Rock Chapel close to his room window and is planning to relocate it.

According to Daily Times, the president is not comfortable with the noise that originates from the chapel when worship is going on.

The Chapel was built by former president, Olusegun Obasanjo who is said to have strategically located the chapel so he can “enjoy worship and prayers from the comfort of his bedroom”.

President Buhari is a Muslim and has reportedly complained about the noise from the chapel. Some aides of the president had already made efforts to stop the use of the facility by Christian worshippers on August 30.

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As a prelude, security agents prevented the Villa Chapel choristers from entering the building for their weekly rehearsal on Saturday, August 29, 2015.

However, uproar over the development ensued, which caused Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, a Christian who also worships at the chapel, to contact Buhari before the security men gave way for service to be conducted that day.

In a move that suggests the Presidency is not giving up in its bid to relocate the chapel, the children’s church section of the chapel has been shut and some rooms have been converted to shops for storing food items.

“We had to beg them to allow us to remove our property,” said an official of the church who did not want to be named. “The children’s church has been turned into a store.

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As a result of the unforeseen development, we had to collapse some facilities to accommodate the children and keep our worship going.

That was why the Chaplain said that the church had not been shut but ‘we only had some procedural issues that needed to be sorted out’.”

The alleged relocation plans are however said to have been denied by presidential media aide, Femi Adesina.

via Daily Times

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  1. This president is so bias,take a look at his appointments so far.Now he doesn’t wnt Christains in Aso Rock. I always get angry wen i hear Yoruba pple saying is d same God christains nd muslems re serving. Pls brethren define ur faith. The bible made it clear that Christ is d WAY,d TRUTH nd d LIFE,no one cometh 2 d father except through him. We re not serving d same God,any1 who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ is an Anti-Christ

  2. Let him relocate to another area within aso rock n stop meddling with d house of God. He shud know dat dat vicinity is not his personal estate. He shud know dat asok rock is like a barrack soldier go soldier come.

  3. What is the meaning of this mr Buhari? Aso rock is not ur permanent place. Others has been there before u, ur relocating it because is not a mosque. U promised change and things are getting worse by the day

  4. I wonder ooo, since dt chapel is disturbin him let him put mosque there 2 , cos i knw dt he will nt complain if it is mosque dt wz built in dt aso Rock , so he shud do his worst period ,

  5. What is wrong with relocation of a building? He didn’t say there should be no church in Aso Rock Villa. Let us exercise some common sense, folks. If the noise disturbs him, for God’s sake what is wrong in relocating it? I think the principal criterion to consider in assessing a president is Service Delivery. Why are we obsessed with primordial sentiments?

    • Akpan, it is unfortunate that you do not know me. For your information, Buhari is NOT my brother but OUR father (you and I) and other Nigerians ; in the sense that he is our president. I want you to know that I was one of those who campaigned for Jonathan to take over the mantle of leadership after the death of Yar’Adua because I believed that was the right thing to do. If Rochas Okorocha or Ralph Uwazuruike is the president of Nigeria I would as well be 100% loyal to him. Always look at issues and not persons. The God that made us Nigerians is not a fool. It may interest you to note that 80% of my friends and business associates are Igbos, and by divine arrangement, christians.

    • #abdullahi,yu don’t have to write too much grammar here,cos we all know that muslims are always jealous of christians & church activities/services in their closest vicinity,whereas xtians will nevr be of dat,no mata how high d number of mosques or muslims dey hav within dem,#no_be_today

    • Olayinka, I am not competent enough to evaluate the amount of jealousy between christians and muslims. Where I come from, we don’t evaluate people’s worth based on their religion. My wife is a christian and my driver drives her to and from the church. So you see, my dear Olayinka, I don’t know how to discriminate based on religion.

  6. My fellow ppl of south south nd east our forefada use 2 give us proverb say dat we should look 4 de black goat b4 de nigt let those who tik then ar wise tell buhari 2 know what is doing b4 de war

  7. let us pray for our president becus is god churs him luck how Nigerian be know everything be nice and cam god will bless him for us nbaka has say so and noting will change him i love de man so much buhari go on god is by ur side i will cometinou pray for u o.k nbaka is by ur side noting is going to happen don’t luck for anyone people must say but i belive u u are a Strong man god is drew for u

  8. I said it just imagine first it was children’s chapel been converted to stores at aso rock now his demanding the church in aso rock to change location due to its closeness to his bedroom hmmmmm is this part of change?

  9. buhari is good every one has a past event u and i well have a past let us support him god has churs him any one who talk against him is straying our god god say let us cometinor pray to our leader not talk against him

  10. Some comments I am seeing here are not reasonable at all. Let me say why did not Obasanjo build a Mosque closer to this same bedroom being a Christian President while he was in Office? Of course it would amount to noise because his spirit will not be there. So, if PMB want to relocate chapel so be it because he is a Muslim and would not gel with the worship coming from the Chapel come what may. We should question his intention if he is outrightly banning Chapel and worship from the Villa. But, in this case I see nothing wrong in relocating to another venue within or may be he should also consider relocating his room. I will also suggest looking at the option that is cost effective.

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