Businessman shares

A Businessman has taken to social media to reveal how a male client offered him N1 million to have sexual relations with him.

The phone dealer, identified as @omonna14 on Twitter, shared screenshots of his conversation with the said client, who pretended to be interested in purchasing a phone in order to get his attention.

The client, who is clearly gay, apparently saw a picture of the businessman online and became interested in him, so he slid into his DMs to inquire about an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Businessman shares

He initially requested for home delivery, but the man declined because he couldn’t leave his shop as he also had walk-in customers, and suggested sending a dispatch rider to deliver the phone.

Upon realizing that his plan has failed, the client came clean about his true intentions, and revealed that he fell in love with him at first sight.

He also offered to buy the phone at a higher price if the businessman agrees to come to his house in Lekki, Lagos. He further shared a photo of his male member to seemingly entice him.

Bamboolzed by the client’s audacity, the businessman lambasted him and blocked his contact.

Sharing screenshots of the chat, he wrote, “Dey wan pipe my yansh nitori 1million”

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