Finding a real estate property in Nigeria is a herculean task. This is even more relatable for people in major cities across the country, where the demand far outweighs the supply. First, you have to find the time out of a cramped schedule to go inspecting. Then there are the issues of non-responsive agents whose listings are not available on the market only to lure you to see alternative properties.

If a Nigerian living in Nigeria has to jump through these numerous hoops to solve a simple sorting problem, how much more difficult can it then be for Nigerians in the diaspora to find suitable properties to purchase or rent over here? This is where BuyLetLive, a new online real-estate marketplace, comes in.

On the 1st of November 2021, BuyLetLive launched its revolutionary marketplace with the aim of changing the narrative of homeownership and rentals in Nigeria. This e-commerce platform sets in motion its overarching goal to create a satisfactory experience for clients during their home search.

The Commercial Development Manager, Adedolapo Odunsi, noted that this development would create a significant relief in the house-hunting experience. According to him, “The platform will provide a two-layer solution giving developers and real estate agents wider visibility to showcase their products to property seekers globally. It is surprising that Nigerians in the diaspora still complain about how difficult it is to purchase properties in Nigeria even now when there are several developers with stellar track records delivering state-of-the-art infrastructure in Nigeria. Our aim is to restore the confidence of property seekers, and connect them to appropriate developers and agents through a digital platform offering convenience and impeccable customer-focused approach.”

On how the platform will address agent issues through verification, Mr. Odunsi said, “Your confidence level can be increased when you engage an agent on our platform. We conduct a basic identity verification process during agency onboarding aimed at protecting users on the platform. However, a more robust verification is in its development phase. Furthermore, for the estate agency ecosystem, we designed the marketplace to provide an easy navigation experience with features which enable you manage and plan your scheduled inspection while ensuring we provide unmatched visibility to showcase your portfolios to a wider audience home and abroad.”

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