cac pastor stabbed

Pastor Ibukun Adeyinka of Christ Apostolic Church, Sanctuary of Blessing, Iju Ishaga area of Lagos State was stabbed to death by hoodlums who stormed the church.

Reports are that those who killed the pastor did not leave with any property of the church, therefore, the incident can be regarded to as an act of assassination.

The deceased wife, Olasunbo said the hoodlums struck at about 3am on 30th of May adding that they said nothing throughout the time of attack.

She said:

“We were asleep when they entered the church. They came to our house and we didn’t know anything was happening until we heard a sound like something was falling. .

There was a power outage, so we couldn’t see clearly. My husband was the first to wake up. They broke into the house through the front door. They didn’t say anything to us even as we asked what they wanted from us. .

I just heard my husband shouting, ‘In Jesus name’. I also re-echoed it, saying ‘Amen, in Jesus name.’ I never knew they had stabbed him in the chest. They left by scaling the church’s fence. I saw that my husband had become weak. That was when I knew that they had stabbed him. There was a lot of blood in the room.”

“They didn’t take anything. Up till now, I can’t say who they are and why they did what they did.”

A Facebook user, Amah Eze who shared the story claimed that the hoodlums who were absconding took the church as an escape route  after a robbery operation.

She wrote:

“He was always ringing a bell at 12 midnight for prayers. So humble that whenever he greeted a small girl like me, he always bowed down. Only for absconding thieves to run into his church while he was praying as usual, and cut him with a machete. That’s how he met his death; but God knows best.”



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