Caitlyn Old Life

Should i be confused as to whether I should be congratulating her or despising her? Hmph. I’m less bothered!

Reality TV Star, Caitlyn Jenner has now been legally declared a woman. This is happening after her name and gender change were approved in a court hearing earlier today.

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TMZ reports that the 65-year-old star filed court documents at the Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking the change earlier this month.

Now a judge has approved her request, making her name Caitlyn Marie Jenner. The star was not present for the short hearing, but the judge signed off on the changes after confirming there were no objections.



  1. It is only the ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH, the Creator of heaven and earthy that makes man and woman. Human being should stop challenging the ALMIGHTY CREATOR because we cannot stand HIS punishment.

  2. U can be legalized as a woman, wen d world comes to an end Jesus and his angels will deny you because they created u as a man and not a woman.

    • Yesooo it’s done’s a complicated operation and last for hours..followed by pains later.
      Go yo YouTube and search for it


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