Sandra Iheuwa slams

Businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa has slammed social media advisers who constantly criticize her dress sense and advise her to dress modestly.

Sandra, who welcomed a child with her estranged husband, Steve Thompson, after their marriage hit the rocks few months ago, has been showing off her curves on social media ever since.

Most recently, she posted a video of her backside in a figure hugging jumpsuit, and it generated massive criticisms from her followers.

Sandra Iheuwa slams

Some stated that they know she went under the knife after childbirth to achieve her curvaceous bod, and advised her to stop flaunting her doctor’s work all the time.

The negative comments infuriated the businesswoman, and she fired back at her critics, telling them to unfollow or block her.

She added that majority of those who drag her online can never call out foreign celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, when they pose half-naked.

Sandra Iheuwa slams

According to her, she doesn’t have a Nigerian mentality and told her critics should stay out of her business.

Sandra wrote,

“Let me make it clear in as much I love sharing business tips on here and help some of y’all nobody has the right I mean NO ONE has the right to come on my page and tell me what and what not to post…..if you don’t like what you see unfollow and or block me.

I have been through a lot in the last couple of months to not do what makes me happy. Take what you can learn from me business wise and leave the rest for me. Some of you haven’t finished advising your village people and family members but quick to want to advice someone you don’t know in real life.

I don’t see y’all commenting on Kim K, Rihanna or Kylie Jenner for posing half naked or fully naked and they are billionaires. Like I said I don’t have naija mentality and nothing in this world will ever change that. It’s either you love me the way I am or keep h@ting the choice is yours. Love and light.”

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