Canada has become the second country, after Uruguay, to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

The country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the legalization of the drug a campaign promise back in 2015, and he’s delivered. “We’re not legalizing cannabis because we think it’s good for our health.

The first legal cannabis sale at Tweed, a retail store in St. John’s. Canada is only the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to legalize cannabis.CreditChris Wattie/Reuters

We’re doing it because we know it’s not good for our children,” he said, explaining that the idea is to make sure the sale of marijuana is taken away from organized crime.

“We know we need to do a better job to protect our children and to eliminate or massively reduce the profits that go to organised crime,” he continued. Marijuana enthusiasts will also be able to order the drug online and have it delivered to their homes.

People gathered at a concert hall in Toronto to watch the “bud drop” at the stroke of midnight, in celebration of the legalization on Wednesday of recreational cannabis use in Canada.CreditCreditIan Willms/Getty Images

Photo Credits : Reuters, Getty Images



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