A Nigerian man on his quest in searching for a life partner, went on to Twitter to give the public announcement – the gentleman didn’t just list the attributes he wants in his wife, but also one interesting feature of his.

The young man identified as Nuruddeen on the social media platform wrote that he is “careless”; a feature that drew the attention of many on Twitter.

Announcing his search for a wife, he wrote;

Fam. I need a wife. I’m 30 employed and careless.
In need of a patient intelligent young lady between 20_25. And a graduate preferably.
Twitter do your thing.

His tweet of course caused quite a stir on the microblogging platform, with many referencing his ‘careless’ attribute.

Some reactions below,

Experience could be a cruel teacher. Sometimes it best to learn from other’s experiences. Following instructions is better.

Regarding your tweet @Nurexmu God is your only resort,He instituted marriage and is Love. He’ll do a better job than this. My opinion🙏👌

As someone who just got out of a relationship with a nonchalant person, I’ll tell you that patience takes a lot from a person. But I wish you good luck.

If you’re “careless” or “carefree”. And you know it, don’t get into marriage.
Work on yourself and the right person will be attracted to you.

How to do it? Change your mindset from “I’m careless” to “I love her, so why not hear from her”
Be a better person for her.

See correct sharp guy! Knows who he is and what he wants! While our Fine single ibo guys are there still playing hide and seek games wasting our time 😒 wish i could marry from your tribe 😭😭😭 May you find that which you seek!

I hope twitter will follow you and pay bride price. We cannot look for a wife for you and don’t get invite to chop party jollof.

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