Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma has taken to social media to call out her friend, Nikky Ufondu for allegedly ‘robbing her’.

Taking to her official Instagram page the realtor alleged that Nikky who she trusted and took as a sister lured her into doing a joint venture deal with her, but has since refused to “give her what’s rightfully hers”.

An embittered Caroline in a lengthy social media post calling her friend out wrote,

“I run my real estate business with funds I worked hard for, part of my profit I use to help the needy in my own way… I have 9 adopted kid, I have helped two families through IVF and so much more… every mile I take in business the goal is to give back to the needy. I trusted a friend, took her as a sister, she knew I was business minded and lured me in. My hard earned money I gave for a jv deal with her. Till date I am still hearing stories… every day I am in denial. My personal project and my NGO project on standstill because I am trying to get what is mine from her. Yet she is still promoting her biz and acting like nothing happened.

“If I am not hurt I will be lying . It would have been better if I was robbed by whom I do not know at all. Someone I held in high esteem and spoke well of . Do I have to wash our dirty bits in public before you do the needful? Do I have to be wicked for you return what is rightfully mine @nikkyu “.

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