A CCTV footage captured the moment a group of three young men carted away iron bars used in making the road into a compound accessible.

The footage which made its was to the internet shows the young men removing the iron bars and placing them into a cart which they later pushed away.

After netizens saw the video, a lot of them in reaction, questioned why the vandals acted the way they did, saying if the owner had nabbed them and decided to take violent justice on them, it would seem as though the owner is brutal.

Watch the CCTV footage,

In other news, a teenage girl who works as house help for a family in Ibadan has been accused of poisoning her boss’ food.

In a video that’s serving rounds online the boss is heard confronting the lady, accusing her of adding bleach to his food.

Although it’s not clear why boss suspected the young lady, he insisted that she must first have a taste of the food; amala and soup she served him.

The maid made excuses and refused to eat the food. According to her, the soup doesn’t taste good so she can’t eat it.

The boss then concluded that she indeed poisoned the food but she swore with God’s name that she didn’t add anything harmful to the food.

The boss decided to search her belongings only to find a pack of bleach. When she was asked what the bleach was meant for she broke down in tears and blamed the devil.

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