A Twitter user @JesuisNaija shared a cool whatsapp conversation he had with his 7-year-old daughter who stole her older brother’s phone just to chat with him.

He shared the screenshots from the chat on his twitter handle and wrote

”Last night after my boy spoke 2me and didnt allow his sister, he insisted she must go to bed. The 7y/o girl pretended she’s asleep until her brother fell asleep, removed his phone from his pocket and started a chat. Trust me, women will never stop taking risks for whom they love”.


  1. How come d dad knew dat it was erife and not he son when d girl asked if he knew who was Charing him . liesssssssssssszz

    • From the chat he will know ai…you know the kind of chat the son chats with you… And for the disturbing nature he will know ai…you mean you can’t differentiate when another girl takes your girlfriend’s phone and chats with you talk more of your own sister and then your daughter

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