Angel schools

Reality TV star, Angel Smith, has taken to social media to educate women who center their lives around men and marriage.

Angel shared her opinion in reaction to a Twitter user who criticized another tweep for wearing a revealing outfit.

The lady had shared her disapproval with the outfit and said no man would take her seriously because she exposes her body online.

She wrote, “Rubbish. Try to be woke all you want. It ends here on Twitter. A man that needs a wife won’t take someone like this serious.

You kids are still young. You’ll reach a certain age then you’ll realize life doesn’t end on social media.”

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This didn’t sit well with Angel who chided the lady for centering her life around what men would think of her.

She also took to Snapchat to school women who shrink themselves and tone down their desired lifestyle because they want to attract men.

According to her, men whose wives dress modestly in a bid to please them still end up cheating with women who dress like ‘hoes’.

She wrote,

“Every time “how to keep a man” “how to get a man to love you” “men won’t marry you if you dress like that” “how to attract men” “what example are you setting for men to choose you” my sisters in christ, love yourselves and have sum fun Lmaoo”

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