The very controversial Ghanaian Counselor has come again.

“Cheating is reserved for the married so a moment that comes in your life that your spouse cheats, see it as part of the package.” Counselor George Lutterodt has disclosed.

The Popular Ghanaian radio and television relationship counselor Reverend George Lutterodt has stated that married couples ought to accept infidelity and divorce as components of marriage.

Speaking to Serwaa Akoto on Efisem on Kasapa 102.5FM Saturday, Counselor Lutterodt opined that there are no tips to identify a cheating spouse.

According to him, spouses who read through their partner’s messages on their phones indicates that such couples are not qualified to marry each other since their insecurity gives room for marriage break up.

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  1. i agree 100% how can one say my boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on me, naaasence wen non of ur families know non of u. Is only married ppl who can say my wife or husband has cheated on me. in fact coach councillor Leuthrodt is full of wisdom

  2. All the women are spewing words as angels most of them ve children that doesn’t belong to their husbands yet they r sisters in the church, and most of u pretenders married chaps all of u ve girlfriends out of ur Wedlock’s after all is the order of the day its even like a fashion and competition I see u all in those secrets.

    • I thank God all those women you said, are not doing it with sticks but Men… So a man is involved too, why will a man go for a woman who is married to his own fellow man… Isnt that man useless and evil? It is vice versa, Unfaithfulness breaks home, even God himself is against it… Cheating is not a good thing whether man or woman. So stop talking about only women, men are included. Some men will leave their families to move in with another woman and she will raise the children that both of them brought to the world single handedly… May God have mercy on you… Better stop twisting the truth @Istifanus Peter

  3. I was wondering why people were not getting this. It’s plain and point blank. If you are not married, you don’t belong to each other biblically. Therefore, you can’t say your partner has cheated on you because they are only doing whatever they do with you with someone else. Point on counsellor

    • I guess just like you?… Because you are a cheat, so your woman cheated and you are living with children who are not your own….. Hahaha birds of the same feather flocks together…. Even if you are not married God will surely give you your type. Animal Istifanus Peter

    • When u were doing it to other peoples husband in campus u forgot abi? U thought is a game now that u want to settle down u now believed its bad cos u don’t want other young ones doing it with your man it can’t be possible its a vicious circle. Besides fucking only one woman can be boring don’t worry next life when u become a man u will understand men always want tight vaginas.

    • Peter, dat u re a man doesn’t guarantee u to sleep around. Besides d Bible says u should not commit adultery likewise fornication. But d basis of our argument here is cheating. Pls don’t join d false prophets to insult God. Wen u are married to ur wife u av to stick to her. Dat is wat d Bible said but if u like u can follow d so called game as d man said. We don’t av to live ur life for u.

  4. All these scallywags and oliver twists… Im not blind oo… I just saw, in quote” Cheating is reserved for the married, so a moment that comes in your life that your spouse cheats, see it as part of the package…. What the hell are you telling me? That when your spouse cheats you should see it as part of the package? I didnt see when you are single oo…. Rubbish set of people. May you people remain forever blind. Ndi amuma ugha… False teaching and False prophets

    • You see? So you think that because you and your spouse are cheat, then every other woman is a cheat… Go and clear your head… I can proudly tell you that i met my fiance a virgin and we are getting married this December, if you want i can give you his number to confirm… I don’t eat from the gutters and that’s why he can never despise me,… He thought me all i know, and i love him…. My advice to you is stop encouraging Unfaithfulness because a lot of home has broken because of that… If not the wrath of God will destroy you because you know the truth… We all have a heart that when you are doing the wrong thing you will definitely know…. Stop spoiling homes Istifanus Peter

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