Chidinma African Hairstyle

I guess i might be having a crush for this talented singer! I tried! I tried not to, but each time her photo emerges, i can feel the butterflies rumbling round in my belly. Lol. Don’t pay attention to me!

Chidinma Ekile! Lord knows we just can’t get enough of this beautiful songstress, her voice, her beauty, her stature, she’s such a blessed individual and we are more than happy that she is Nigerian!

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The gorgeous sultry singer, for the past week now, has been rocking this incredible African hairstyle and I’m a 100% positive that in the next few weeks, it’ll be a trendy hairstyle among the females.

Chidinma is such a trendsetter! Gorgeous, isn’t she ?

More photos below:

Chidinma African Hairstyle1

Chidinma African Hairstyle2

Chidinma African Hairstyle3

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