Some hours ago, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) announced a ‘conditional‘ suspension of the strike they embarked on for a month and some but not so many Nigerian students are quite moved about the news.

As at this moment, ASUU is a trending topic on Nigerian social media with myriad of hilarious memes, reactions and tweets.

Let’s go through some yeah?

Arsenal’s striker, Oliver Giroud has no chance at striking than ASUU y’all!

You know you’re finished after one week of resumption, exam is announced!

Head of students after returning from the strike = E.M.P.T.Y

Carry overs be like… hello…(not anyone’s portion though)

It’s like ASUU is using your destiny as hand fan

Oh Common! It’s not the rapture, is it?!

In case you don’t know, this is real, not hyperbolic in any way!

Who said completing fully, six textbooks in one week is not possible? How many percent of your brain are you using? #yimu

Hello, party’s over, pack your bags!

I just want to go… just leave me, please!

Gulder Ultimate Search 4.0

What were we expecting? our certificates will just come to our mails yeah?


Those ones that love to do praise and worship round your head every night

If it’s a joke you better stop!


Man’s not hot! ASUU says take off your jacket, I tell ASUU, Man’s not hot! Man can never be HOT!

Mo gbe Mo ku Mo da ron #MMM

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