Father of one of the Chibok girls who were arrested in April 2014, Deborah Jafaru, who was the only girl who returned with a baby has explained how his daughter was taken and how grateful he is.

According to him,

“Unlike the others, Deborah had already finished her secondary school; she did not make her papers and returned to rewrite her WASCE when she was taken.

“She just got married two weeks before returning for her papers and they took her. Her husband has remarried now. They abducted her with pregnancy and she had my grandchild there but I’m just grateful to God and the government for returning my daughter and grandchild to me safely. Words cannot describe how I feel at the moment.”

Deborah is the only one among the girls who returned with a baby.

Mrs Rifkatu John, carried her daughter Jummai Bakwa, on her back, with her wrapper like a baby. She refused to leave her daughter throughout the event . She said:

“I never thought that I would see my daughter again in this life time; I prayed so much for her safe return and here she is finally. I just want to give God all the glory and thank the government for bringing her back. I pray that the other Chibok mothers have the opportunity to see their daughters again and experience the joy I feel today,” she said.

The girls have not been handed over to their parents completely because they are still undergoing some trauma counselling, The Nation reports.



  1. Heyy Mr chibok who cares, I know dy paid u for this or u are afraid of Mr President damn it we have freedom of speech so I can’t allow anything to buy my mouth,u are telling me that ur daughter was pregnant and u are happy about that even when she is still under u
    No way I got this, get ready to have Boko Haram blood in ur family cos very soon he will bomb u and what u kept under ur cupboard, nobody will help you and ur daughter to say the truth then, for now that lie I sense in ur words in pregnant too

  2. Pls I have a questions, they told us that Chibok girls was kidnapped in a Government girls secondary school? but the videos and pictures they’ve been showing us are only hause girls and Muslim girls, I put it to them that no government girls secondary school will be of such, one earthnic group and religious group, dere’s God oo.

  3. Abeg make una read the link first for better understanding the gal was rewriting waec got married 2weeks before she was kidnapp and was already pregnant everytin in the north is easy even if na lie make una try believe am small

  4. Kidnapped my foot , she was pregnant and who delivered her during Labour? Wat did she use to feed d baby till now ? How did she take care of herself after labour ? Did boko guys hire a midwife to take care of her ? All chibok girls are women how did der get sanitary to take care of themselves till this year ? i don’t believe this lies for once. Chibok girls kidnap is a lie

  5. Yaba left i can now see u are acting basically on ur name,y did u like posting fake story?all d news i read nd listen to there was no one dat said d father said she was pregnant b4 she was kidnapped but u said d father said so,nd some fools who jst come on d social media without reading to news or listening to it even did not knw wat is goin on they jst comment on anytin they ovr heard frm d street nd frm fake post like yaba left.i sry for u oo,pls u ur brain b4 commenting on any post

  6. I still remember that chibok is a school. Dose it mean that this girl is pregnant while in school? Or is this a nursing school or secondary school. Who is responsible for the pregnancy? Una story never finish.


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