Image of ring fixing at a wedding

A Nigerian woman identified as Chidera Ochuagu has taken to Twitter to accuse men who come from abroad to pick up women to marry of being misogynistic, abusive creeps.

Chidera claimed they knew better than to carry out their abusive pattern with women abroad so they brought it home instead.

According to her, men only came back home to marry women here because they wanted women who could accept their horrible behaviors without batting an eyelid.

In her words;

“Men who leave their countries of residence and go to other countries specifically to find a woman to marry are creeps, abusers, and highly misogynistic. You can say that about Nigerian men who live abroad coming back to their village or villages in Nigeria to find a wife because the women in the UK or Germany Or America are “too eye open”. Those men are abusers and creeps and they have NOTHING but hate and violence to offer women”

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