Nollywood actress, Chioma Akpotha has shared a picture of a woman whom she claimed attacked her at her polling unit in Ikota Primary School.

Recall that during the election yesterday, Chioma posted a video of her polling place’s unruliness after some thugs assaulted it.

Chioma in a recent post on her Instagram account revealed that the pandemonium she saw is still causing her panic attacks.

She also said that she would respond to Georgina Onuoha, who had criticized her for recording herself being assaulted at a polling place.

She wrote;

“This photo isn’t clear because I pulled it from my live video.
It is the face of one of the women that attacked me and wanted to forcefully take my phone from me.
I haven’t been able to sleep since the incident of the past few hours. I am so sad and anxiety has kicked in 💯
As the day brightens I shall be making 2 posts .
1. A recap of the events at my polling unit . From my arrival to the point we persevered despite the obstacles
2. A post to address a former colleague of mine Georgina Onuoha
Until then , please know that I am safe though still “SHOOKED” , I am ok 👍🏾”

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