Nigerian singer, Damini Ogulu a.k.a Burna Boy, has revealed that he made a conscious choice to be great at a particular point in his life.

Burna Boy

He revealed this in a recent interview with GQ magazine. According to him, he was so moved by his decision that he concluded that it was either greatness or death.

“Following several collaborations with foreign artistes of African heritage, I just made up my mind that I wanted it all. I wanted to be the greatest. That’s when it hit me really hard that I had to do it. It was that or death,” he said.

Burna Boy

He added that after he won the Grammy Award, he felt like he had changed the belief of Africans that there is a limit to what they can achieve.

He said,

“I was not celebrating because of myself. It was almost as if I had broken a mental cycle of our people. Our people had been very mentally oppressed to feel like they could not do certain things, and that certain things were unreachable.”

Every day, I realise more that things are bigger than me. I have to think for a lot of people – basically a whole generation – before I think of myself.”



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