Reports coming in from Kenya claims that American pop star – Chris Brown smashed a Fan’s mobile phone when she tried to take a selfie with the singer on his arrival at the Moi International Airport, Mombasa, Kenya on Saturday.

Read The Report by Nation.co.ke below:


American R&B star Chris Brown smashed a fan’s mobile phone when she tried to take a selfie with the singer on his arrival at the Moi International Airport, Mombasa, on Saturday

Speaking to the Nation, the fan, who said she was “deeply disappointed by the artiste’s action,” wondered why Brown, a renowned singer, grabbed her phone and threw it away, landing on the floor.

“I was with my friends and was trying to take a selfie when he grabbed the phone from the back. I was shocked.

“I have a ticket for the show but I won’t attend it. Brown should know that we like his songs but he has to respect his fans,” she said.


“I bought my iPhone 6 last month at Sh90,000 and seeing it being tossed off like a mulika mwizi (a cheap feature phone) was bad.

“Although it is only the screen protector and back cover that broke, I cannot imagine how I would have felt had it been damaged,” added the fan, who said she did not want her name mentioned.

Mr Brown had just landed in Mombasa for his much anticipated show tonight.

A ticket to the show is going for Sh5,000 per person.


The ‘Loyal’ hit singer touched down at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa at around 11.30am.

He arrived in his private jet.

He was escorted to the English Point Marina under heavy security, with both personal and local bodyguards.

His Nigerian counterpart Wizkid was also booked in at the same classic hotel Friday night when he arrived.

Chris Brown widely known as “Breezy” will also share the stage with Tanzanian Bongo flava star Ali Kiba and Ugandan rapper Navio.

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  1. Mtcheeewww, Chris brown ko, make e try Am here na, whether them go reason, you go hear words like “ki lon ko? ” mark zukerberg waka for oba market nobody reason Am e even jog self, this one dey smash phone for (Kenya blacky wey never are white before) news they carry am.

    • Please stop insulting someone on rumours you heard on social network, how did she even get close to him with all his security, always ask yourself questions before you judge someone.

  2. Am yet to understand why people freak out or rush to take pictures with so called celebrities. We are the ones that make them feel important. I have had cause to come close to celebrities in time past. I just move on. If they say hello I say hello but if they do not I don’t go saying hello first I just move on. Once I went to a salon and met a very popular Nigerian actress. I didnt blink or stare at her for one minute. After a long time she started chatting with me and gave me a complimentary copy of her latest movie. Another time I met another popular actress with a friend. I didnt pay her any attention. At the end of the day I was surprised when she approached me and asked for a picture to be taken of both of us. That is the way it roles. Who the hell is Chris Brown that one will be jumping to take a selfie with him. With the kind of reputation he has. He is no better than a motor park tout. I beg give me a break.

  3. meeeen, am short of words,I think de two things involve is dat Chris smashed de phone to protect his personality,thinking dat he can pay x10 whatever de phone might cost and at same time just lost a fan,dats it

  4. What rubbish! What a bully! He has to pay for it cash. He could not stop the selfie without breaking the phone?!. What do I need a selfie with a drug-addict- woman beater-illuminati for?!? For God ‘s sake this guy is not a role model in any way.

  5. I guess Those of criticizing him don’t know what this guy has pass through in the hands of the same female fans and medias… You guys are calling him drug addict bcos you don’t know how many times all this medias and female fans have tried to destroy his career….

  6. The truth about the whole story here is that none of us knew exactly what transpired in that airport, maybe the girl in question might have approached Chris Brown in a disrespectful manner. But whatever the case might be, he could have snubbed the girl in question if he doesn’t want to take a selfie with her than tossing her phone on the ground. He need to know that whatever he is in the world today was made possible by his fans and he got to respect that.

  7. I bet you $13456324567 dollars you didn’t read that number. You just skipped right over it. You didn’t even realize I put a letter in it. No I didn’t but you went back and looked. I want my lik

  8. @Nduka so bcos he’s american we need to applaud his actions even if he’s wrong abi? na type of una dey make some oyibo dey see us as inferior,fuck whatever he is, we breathe the same air that makes us equal so he should learn how to behave in public since he’s a public figure!

  9. Una dey yarn trash. Blessing dont mind them. C. Brown is just a wild animal. If he can slap a celeb like him how much more his fans? Forgetin dat we his fans made him wat he is after God. If na my phone, he must pay tymes 10 of the original amount. Thunder fire d idiot there

  10. Imagine this idiot after buying a ticket for your show then you misbehave how could you do that to a fellow kenyan lady you are so terrible that you forced me to sell that ticket and travell back to nairobi. You deserved to be depoted back to america and be bunned from the country like koffi olomide nkt to hell with you and your show such an arrogant bustard. Sipendangi ujinga mimi

  11. Lol its actually true….. American government will do anything to avenge or protect the least of their citizens… They prioritize their citizens…something u probably wont understand cuz….it doznt happn in Nigeria….. So that talk about smashing his head will breed trouble

  12. Na wetin fit some bebes…. bcos na celeb u wnt 2tak selfie… how many selfie hav u taken wit ur guy.??? U wount try dat now so dat anoda guy wil not see it..dats serves her ryt…… where is dis chris sef… he nids an award.!!! Lafing in Swahili. … hohohohoho.!

  13. I will call this racism coz l think this pple see us differently (africans) forgetting that there is no difference btwn us only that we live in a third world country and they have a black potion in them. How do you expect to have funs when you behave like a hooligan its sad that God even gave you a daughter you don’t deserve her.

  14. I see many comment saying..he should try it in 9ja, we go beat am, we go slap am..even in 9ja he will do it and noting will happen security will even handle DAT person if he/she do anything stupid..must she take selfi with him? will dat add any value to her life? some people will not respect demself..they will be taking celebrities as God..dats Good for her and nonsense selfi..our leaders dat have been eaten our billions how of them have u people desiplined?

  15. This guy don’t just have respect for people general, Is it not his mate Trey song that was in Kenya, who took a shot with a kid he mate on the street, he Don’t know the kid from anywhere and still give the kid some money that what we call humanitarian …… Chris u lack manners & full of urself…… ! Please come Naija and try this and God help u that is in Lagisdi it happen huh I pity u…..

  16. this was just a cheap stunt by that low life girl to get popular… there is a video of the incident where Chris never stopped waking and never collected any phone from nobody. its just d girls words against video evidence.been a celeb comes with the territory thou.. and yabaleft please give the full story

  17. @ebuka,chinedu,odimayomi,flora una be standard mumu, fools and ode, flora and odimayomi na una type dey leave una boy go dey find celebrity for pics and next for other things, ebuka and chinedu na una generation be famous mumu if not u suppose know say the world has turned to another thing, things happen quickly, from seifie story will change, even as a bloodily civilians u won’t allow unknown person to take pics of u…I don’t need Chris brown. U or any fool here to knw me…mumu lagos

  18. we should leave him? no we won’t. anything any celeb gets they called for it. don’t they know there are crazy fans? why then did he become a celeb if he couldn’t take the heat? wth

  19. all dis ode self. abeg oju dat curse wey u land them just no do o. please more. shameless illiterate nai dem be. hey… just common comment like dis nai all of una just enter am like dis. dem don dispose una brain 4 pit latrine. make I talk am again make I c who go go hug transformer. what chris brown did is right,oya I dey wait 4 news.

  20. ……. #my people please try and see reasons with d young man, coming from hs country, it can be used against him and charge him 4 assault on the girl. Or she might claim 2 be the Young man’s girl frnd. He has evry reason 2 do even more

  21. You guys should stop saying things like his a drug addict you can do same if you because he have bean to jail so many times because things like this and they lady’s have try to bring him down many times, he have to lean from his pass experience

  22. Na for Kenya him fit try that nonsense, but come to think of it is he better than any of African artist? Anyway if he try am for Naija he go buy iphone 7 replace am else eh eh eh eh..

  23. Then they should let him be, to take picture with him is not by force he might have some reasons of not doing that. We should also be proud of our own jobs, everybody is a celeb.

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