A female student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, has been beaten and burnt to death by a mob for blasphemy.

The horrific incident occurred on Thursday, May 12, when the lady, who is claimed to be a Christian, allegedly abused Prophet Muhammad

A distressing video of the lady being stoned, assaulted, and burned to death by the enraged mob in the school grounds is currently circulating online.

The school has been closed indefinitely as a result of the event. A memo to that effect has been shared online.

“Following today’s early morning students rampage in the college, the college management has resolved to close down the college indefinitely with immediate effect. Consequently, all students are hereby directed to vacate the college immediately (12th May 2022)”. The memo reads.

Watch Graphic video here.

In related news, a Nigerian Muslim woman has been receiving backlash on Twitter and her life has also been threatened for opposing the death sentence handed to a Kano singer for blasphemy.

The Kaduna born activist, Fakhriyya Hashim, mentioned that it is sad to see “Muslims jubilate over a death sentence of a person that has not even committed a criminal offence.”

She added that “it takes a level of depravity to feel elated that a man will be killed. Her tweets angered some Twitter Muslims as they cursed her and also threatened her life.

She later returned to Twitter to reveal that people have been passing by her family home in Kano, searching for her.

This isn’t the first time she’s facing death threats for condemning the death sentence of Yahaya Aminu Sharif. Shortly after his sentencing on August 10, she spoke against it and her photo was circulated on Twitter with a noose beside her, suggesting she should be killed alongside Yahaya.

The 27-year-old also faced death threats in 2019 when she joined in championing the Arewa #MeToo movement.

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  1. When a Muslim blasphem Christians or Jesus, the Christian will forgive such person. If a Christian blasphem Mohammed they’ll kill the person. I’m sorry to say the bitter truth. A religion that does not forgive is not from Almighty God. Our God forgives our sins. Same way, Christians forgive because they are product of Almighty God.

  2. If someone abused the prophet muhammad (SAW) the muslim masses should not be the people to pass her judgement the fight is for Allah to handle For we should take note that nobody can ever fight for Allah.
    He can handle his Fights alone.
    Now all does who killed this innocent younglady will also face thier judgemnt for Allah in the day of jugdgement so they should bear it in mind for this is not a (jihad)
    What happened in sokoto state has just ruined the face of the seat of the Chaliphate’s where everyone regards as a peaceful state.

  3. It’s a total collapse of Law and order that a group will hide under the auspices of religion to commit a hedious crime like murder. If Muslim as a religion don’t have regard for human life then it’s more or less a secret organization with the sole aim of destroying lives. Many Muslims in my area openly criticize Christianity, yet none of them have been put to death. I believe no religion is supreme to the constitution, and no one should hide under it to commit a crime.

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