Richard Nnaji reveals

Club owner, Richard Nnaji has recounted the extreme measures a man took to get the attention of a premium babe who had been rejecting his advances.

He shared this in a recent interview with media personality, Gbemi and Toolz, on their show ‘Off Air’, while speaking on the lives of Lagos big girls and boys.

He revealed the amount some men splurge in the club, and the length they go to get the attention of women they want.

Richard Nnaji reveals

Richard then narrated the crazy thing a “big man” did to get the attention of a high-class babe he met at the club. He said the man fancied the woman, but she didn’t give him any attention.

So the rich man then devised a means to get her attention. He waited for her outside the club then rammed his Hummer Jeep into her car – a Volkswagen Bug – twice.

When she alighted from her car to cause her scene and area boys gathered, he apologized to her, gave her his card and told her to call him so he can buy her a new car.

According to him, the plan worked as the couple are currently married.

“I can’t mention names but they are married today,” Nnaji said.

Watch him speak below,

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