Carter Efe brags

Nigerian skit maker and musician, Carter Efe has called out media personality, Yhemo Lee, for berating the hustle of skit makers in Nigeria.

During a recent Instagram live session , Carter Efe aired his grievance with Yhemo Lee for claiming that he earns the amount skit makers make for shooting seven videos in one night.

Carter Efe brags

Yhemo Lee, who is an actor, hypeman, nightlife king, influencer and an entertainment connoisseur, had stated this in a recent interview with Cloud Africa.

This infuriated Carter Efe who went online to lash out at Yhemo Lee for looking down on skit makers, and underrating their craft.

Carter Efe brags

He tackled Yhemo Lee and asked to know what he does at night since he claims to make so much money in one night.

Carter Efe added that he earns $50,000 from seven videos, and quizzed Yhemo Lee if he makes that amount in one night.

The angry comedian, who recently acquired a brand new Mercedes Benz, further wondered if Yhemo Lee owns a house since he claims to be richer than most skit makers.

Watch the video below;

A while back, Carter Efe’s girlfriend went above and beyond to express her love for him.

Cater Efe’s lover, a beautiful hair entrepreneur identified as Nuella, recently inked a tattoo of his name “EFE” on her back and showed it off online

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