Popular Nigerian comedian and actor, Ayo Makun better known as AY, has taken to his social media page to blast people asking why no celebrity died during #EndSARS protests which held the country to a standstill, earlier this month.

AY bemoaned how celebrities yielded to the calls of fans to lend voices to the #EndSARS campaign and how the celebrities actively took to the street in solidarity with the movement.

He was however filled with disdain over questions by some Nigerians asking “How come no celebrity was reported dead too?”

He took to his social media page to write ;

“When we were yet to tweet about #EndSar,it started with “pls add ur voices”. When we did, they said “get off ur tweeting fingers & join d protest on d street”.When we also did & lost some of our youths in d struggle,they are now asking “How come no celebrity was reported dead too?”

“Passing the blame card to any celebrity is an inappropriate response to the death of our fellow compatriots in the struggle for a better Nigeria .

Even as we mourn our brothers and sisters, let’s maintain a proper focus on our set goals, and be less concerned about any form of orchestrated distractions. Let’s quit discouraging everyone who joined us all in making our voices heard, no matter how low.

Your liking or disliking any celebrity doesn’t count as much as we respect ourselves as human beings. Let’s not make our solutions to the problem be as bad as the problem itself.We shall all be alive to witness that NEW NIGERIA of our dreams soonest.”



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