Photo By: Miss Petite
Photo By: Miss Petite

So, there seems to be a silent beef brewing between two of Africa’s Finest Comedians, Bovi and AY.

Apparently, Comedian Bovi shared a video from 8 years ago when he was obviously still a struggling upcoming Comedian.

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He Shared the video with the caption:

Story story!!!! So one day Oga buy padlock con tell gateman to make sure say him daughter no comot for house. But the security man wondered how he was going to stop the girl once Oga left. Oga look gateman angrily and told him “use your head”. When Oga returns, he finds out gateman has finished his daughter with headbutt.. #orijinbitters #bitterlikethetruth #2008. #nightofathousandlaughs. Meanwhile check out my COAT

One wouldn’t understand the caption at first, but reading through the fans comments, you’d agree he threw a shade at someone. (Comedian AY – who apparently, had a Comedy skit related to his joke) Chill..

In the video he shared from 8 years ago, Bovi narrated on stage about how a security man had to headbutt his boss’ daughter all because his boss had earlier told him to use his head to prevent the daughter from going out.

In AY’s Comedy skit which he used to Promote his Event (Find the FULL SKIT here, AY tells his security man to ‘use his head‘ in a bid to stop his girlfriend from visiting him during his date with another lady. When the girl later came, the security man (played by Funnybone) man headbutted her.

Fans of Bovi agreed with the comedian that the skit was a rip off of Bovi’s intellectual property.

Fans Comments Below:

Photo By: Miss Petite
Photo By: Miss Petite (Click Image For Bigger Resolution)

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