Poular Nigerian comic act, Okon Lagos seems to not be unnerved by the heavy backlash he’s been receiving lately after he made a video, addressing the issue of the ladies who were raided at a nightclub in Abuja.

News have been making the rounds of how these ladies were allegedly said to have slept with police officers to be bailed after they were taken into custody. Netizens have deemed this as rape and as such, there’s been a controversy on social media as people expect justice to be served.

Okon Lagos lashes

Nigerian comedian, Okon Lagos recently reacted to the saga and shared a video online – his video has now caused him heavy backlash on social media as some dubbed him a “low budget idiot”.

In Okon’s video, he says people shouldn’t see the case as a rape case but rather see it as theft… He says the policemen who sexually assaulted the ladies should be charged with theft and not rape…

Watch him speak,

Upon seeing the video, a Nigerian lady, who’s a lawyer, found it ‘disgusting’ and decided to let the comedian be in the know of how she feels about the video and so she aired her opinion.

She wrote,

This is disgusting to listen to! So because they are commercial sex workers, they are not capable of being ‘raped’. Not everything is a joke and it is not every time somethings comes to your mind that you just say it without thinking it through. You want to trend, hope you eventually do!

In his reaction to her comment, the comedian says she looks like a prostitute who has been raped as he questions her who cursed her with dumbness?… read his response,

You look every inch of one thing that is a prostitute who had been raped and maybe currently being raped as we speak, hence this your nagging grouse. Yes I said the alleged act towards the prostitutes ought to be theft not rape. Looking at it, is there no form of theft in rape? If a decent girl is raped, it is her self worth, pride and dignity that is stolen (taken without consent). Isn’t the rape action to these prostitutes still theft on the flip side? Who cursed you with dumbness?


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