Omah Lay opens

Popular Nigerian singer, Stanley Omah Didia, known professionally as Omah Lay, has revealed that he contemplated taking his own life during his battle with depression.

The ‘Soso’ singer made this revelation during a recent interview with H Steph, while speaking on his mental health struggles and how he incorporates his battle with depression into his music.

 Omah Lay opens

Omah Lay said he was in a really bad place at the time and considered committing suicide to end his suffering once and far all.

He, however, stated that it was imperative for him to go through that dark stage so he can help other depressed people overcome depression.

The 25-year-old singer said,

“I was at the verge of…I was suicidal, mahn. Trust me, I was really fcked up. But I think I have to be there to actually help the people who are there right now to get out of that place.

 Omah Lay opens

I mean it will take a real person like me to go there and then make music out of it and talk about it so openly how I’m a mess, how I think and how I’m fcked up and everything.

“I’m not sure you will find afrobeats artists who do that right now. Everybody is out there saying afrobeats are not so deep, ‘afrobeats are just vibes and sh*t’. Nah. That’s why everybody is just doing hype. The real music is dying.”

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