Instagram skit maker, brand influencer, businesswoman, and anatomist, Amarachi Amusi recently took delivery of a new whip, a Range Rover Velar.

The 26-year-old skit-maker took to her social media accounts to announce and celebrate her purchase of this beautiful car.

She shared a video of her car with the caption:

“E Dey rush … I got myself a VELAR …from me to me!
E Dey russssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh
May God keep blessing the works of our hands.. amen”

Watch the video here:

Ashmusy recently had an interview with The Nation and she opened up on how she started acting at a very young age.

She also revealed she opted for skits instead of going full time into Nollywood because she didn’t like the vibe the industry was giving.

In her words ;

“I am an actor, a very good one at that, I started acting so many years ago, I decided to do it through skit making when Nollywood was giving me the kind of vibes I didn’t like so I had to go into skit making that was like in 2018,” said Ashmusy.

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