Content creators pull

A trending video shows the moment a group of content creators pulled a rather expensive prank on two sex workers hired for a hookup job.

According to the voice-over speaker, the men hired the runs girls from a dating site (name withheld) for the sole purpose of pulling a ritual prank on them to get their reaction.

He said the first lady charged N15,000 for a hookup session and was invited over to the house where they had already planned the prank.

In the viral clip, the lady is seen making herself comfortable in the room when one of the men, dressed in a red wrapper, came out of the bathroom carrying his colleague, disguised as a ‘dead body’.

Content creators pull

The lady who was crippled by fear started screaming ‘Jesus, Jesus’, as they beckoned on her that it was her turn to be sacrificed.

Out of fear and anxiety, the lady passed out amid the commotion and was resuscitated with water. She was then informed that it was all a prank.

For the second runs-girl, she was hired on a short-time basis and was invited over to the house as well.

Content creators pull

They pulled the same stunt on her and she also shouted for Jesus’s help amid the drama. She however pulled out a bottle and struck one of the pranksters on his head.

When they realized that the lady was ready to harm them with the bottle, they immediately told her that it was a prank. However, she didn’t seem to believe it was a prank and ran out of the room cussing at them.

Watch the video below,

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