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Controversy Erúpts As Charles Okocha L@shes Out At A Fan Over Comment He Made On His Post (VIDEO)

In a dramatic online exchange, popular Nollywood actor Charles Okocha found himself in a heated dispute with a social media user over a comment made on one of his posts.

According to the reports, the incident began when the man, identified as @gptall on TikTok, questioned whether a car featured in Okocha’s post actually belonged to singer Kesh, rather than the actor himself.

“Na @onlyonekesh car you still carry?” the commenter wrote, sparking a strong reaction from the actor.

Charles Okocha seemingly angered by the comment, is said to have promptly stormed the commenter’s direct messages (DMs) to unleash a verbal attack.

The actor allegedly labeled the commenter as “poor” and proceeded to block him, as well as delete the offending comment from his original post.

Undeterred, the commenter shared a screenshot of the private message exchange, captioning it:

“The moment actor Charles Okocha enters your DM to curse you because of a comment you made on his post. He even blocked me and deleted the comment from his post.”

The incident has since generated a wave of reactions on social media, with some users supporting the actor’s defensive reaction, while others have questioned the appropriateness of his alleged response.


Watch the video below:

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