Cook reportedly puts

A man has taken to Twitter to recount the grave measure his friend’s cook took to rob him of his valuables.

According to @0lajide, the cook put laxative in his friend’s lunch then robbed him of his valuables when he was in the toilet emptying his bowels.

He said the cook stole his friend’s expensive Rolex wristwatch and $20K while he was excessively stooling in the toilet due to the medication.

He further disclosed that the cook fled back to Benin Republic after carrying out the heinous act.

“My friend’s cook put laxative in his lunch and while he was stuck in the bathroom, cleared his Rolex and $20k. Then fled back to Benin Republic,” @0lajide tweeted on Tuesday, November 29.

He also said the experience has taught him not to leave his food and drink unattended so he doesn’t get poisoned.

“Now, if I leave my drink unattended, I can never drink it again. Same for food. And I learnt this from my friends. Life happens,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

See his tweet below,

In other news, a Nigerian man has been captured on CCTV committing theft in a very bizarre manner.

The video shared online showed the man walking up to the cashier’s desk and swiftly moving a bundle of cash.

The cashier who just received the money was talking to the customer and had not counted it to ascertain the amount when the thief walked up to her desk and carried out his act. Watch here

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