Yesterday, LIB reported that the singing duo, PSquare finally split up after one of the brothers, Peter Okoye sent in a termination letter to their joint lawyer, Festus Keyamo (SAN).

termination letter Peter Okoye sent

This was confirmed by the blog after they obtained an exclusive copy of the letter sent to their lawyer on September 21, 2017, demanding he wants out of the PSquare’s contract.

Below is the copy of the letter;

termination letter Peter Okoye sent
The Termination Letter Peter Okoye sent to their Lawyer. Photo Credit: LIB.

LIB who confirmed this and reportedly spoke to Peter, reported that he said;

“Psquare is no more. I have nothing against my brothers. I saw Paul’s post on Instagram about blood being thicker than water.’

‘Who is water and who is blood,’ Peter asked, adding that his nuclear family (wife and kids) are very important to him and he has decided to move on with his personal brand – Mr P.



  1. you guys are far more better as duo or trio than as single. there is no issue that cant be settled with dialogue, you can play the fool to unite your family……..

  2. Why do you guys has desided to destroy what u guys has labor fore,fore year, I am one of or fan, I love you guys very much,see! the reason why God take u guyz to were, u are today,is because u are twins, twins are. Blessing are great gift from God,working together make heaven to favour u guy, and God has made u guyz. Number( 1)in the GAME, now,living each order, is going to look some how, real think…God bless p.Square. or fans need u guys as one. Body,one soul.


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