The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has said that it has shared food items in the value of N2 million to less privileged Nigerians as a palliative to ease their hardship during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The director of MURIC, Prof Ishaq Akintola, made this known in a statement on Monday, April 20, in Lagos, adding that the relief was given under the “MURIC COIVS-19 Relief Scheme” launched in March, the News Agency of Nigerian (NAN) reports.

The director of the group also said that Muslims from all areas of the country have been giving towards the scheme.

“The money realised is being steadily channelled to widows, orphans and other vulnerable Nigerians through the state chairmen of the organisation.

“As at midnight of Sunday, April 19, the scheme has netted N2.2 million. To date, we have disbursed N2.03 million, leaving cash balance N177,500,” he said.

With the help of its local branches, the organisation was able to get relief materials to people.

Professor Ishaq also said that the materials are dispatched through the chairmen of the state branches of MURIC after they “have been able to identify vulnerable Nigerians”.

He went ahead to say that they carried out a three-day campaign programme in Lagos state where rice and other food items are distributed. According to him, the group has also given out money to individuals as a rescue to their distress calls.

“As little as between N2,000 and N2,000 were shared and the reactions we get from them shows the gravity of their plight. The depth of abject poverty among poor Nigerians during this lockdown is glaring,” he said.

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