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“Cost of living dey even affect goat” – Viral Video Of A Goat F!ghting Its Owner Over Food Stirs Reactions Online (WATCH)

A video capturing a goat fighting its owner over food has taken the internet by storm.

The video, originally shared on TikTok by user @anasthesia6, has sparked a lot of reactions and amusement among viewers.

The video begins with a woman cooking near a fireplace, only to find herself locked in a  funny battle with her determined goat.

The persistent animal uses its head to nudge the woman, demanding a share of the meal being prepared.

Despite the woman’s best efforts to shoo the goat away, the stubborn animal refuses to back down.

It stands its ground, displaying strong determination and even resorting to aggression for a taste of the food being Prepared.

The video’s caption humorously drew attention to the lengths to which even goats will go to secure their next meal.

Cost of living affects both goat. Even goat dey fight for food, the video caption read.

Since its upload online, the video has since gone viral, drawing the attention of viewers.

Netizens have since flooded the comments section with funny, sarcastic, and humorous reactions.


Here are some reaction from viewers:

@user3841548430248reacted:  “But how goat go follow you cook finish you no go give am rice? E good?”

@Successful J reacted: “You nor go carry one fire wood take wipe am lost?”

@d young reacted:  “Madam you must fight ooo. This one na friendly match.”

@chummy reacted: today fight na by force 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Watch the video below:



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