Funke JJC wedding

Okay, so thorough investigation concerning “Jenifa’s” wedding is still ongoing and we’re gonna break down the little we’ve been able to gather.

First off, we know that today is the actress’s 40th birthday and we also know of her relationship with Nigerian singer, JJC Skillz whose full name is Abdul Rasheed Bello (bare this name in mind).

Well, our hypothesis began when she shared a Snapchat video hours ago which showed that her wedding band had increased in number, there were two! and not one!!

Funke JJC wedding4

Still skeptical, we further investigated and were led to JJC’s daughter, Tamira Bello, who on her snapchat account shared photos of her and Funke together and also a wedding car… coincidence?

Funke JJC wedding3

funke jjc4

What made our theory even stronger is the acronym, “FAB“, that JJC used when congratulating the actress on her birthday on Instagram.

Funke JJC wedding2

“Happy birthday @funkejenifaakindele aka FAB,” he wrote “Many happy returns. May all your days be filled with love, and happiness. You’ll find peace in your home, work, body, mind and soul. You’ll never lack. Health and wealth is your potion. Long life and prosperity. Stay blessed my best friend?”

FAB – meaning, Funke Akindele Bello, recall that the singer’s family name is Bello?! – well, with all this info gathered, it’s safe to congratulate the latest couple in town! but of course… on a low key… ssshhhhh…

Funke JJC wedding1

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