El Salvador

It was reported yesterday of a couple, whose baby was switched by a staff in El Salvador’s hospital for some months. Well, in an amusing twist of happenstance, the British man and his wife who alleged that their real baby was sold to traffickers were last night reunited with their lost son.

Investigators reportedly tracked down the child by ordering other new mothers to have their babies DNA tested.

The parents of four other boys who were also born on the same day, May 21, had last week brought their babies to be DNA tested last week after an order was issued by the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office, which had taken over the investigation.

The baby whose tests were last to be processed proved to be the couple’s real child. Speaking last night, Prosecutor General Luis Martinez said that the babies of two couples had been mixed up and that each would be returned to their rightful parents at a special court hearing with the presence of a judge.

The family’s lawyer, Fernando Meneses, said that the case “apparently” seemed to be an accidental mix-up of the infants and urged the hospital to review procedures to ensure it could not happen again


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