A man facing livestock theft charges in South Africa has made a startling confession that the cow he stole & slaughtered has been haunting him!

The suspect, one of five men arrested, told Daily Sun South Africa he has been struggling to sleep because at night he hears a cow mooing at the Tarlton Police Station in Mogale City.

“I regret helping my friends steal the cow on Thursday. I was the one who killed it with an axe. All the noises the cow was making on the day we killed it haunt me in my sleep,” said the man.

He said the cow’s head also visits him in his dreams.

“I will go and ask forgiveness from the owner of the cow. I have been punished for my sins.”

Constable Lucky Matome confirmed that five men, aged between 22 and 31, were arrested for stock theft. They were allegedly found in possession of a slaughtered cow loaded in a double-cab bakkie.

“The suspects were spotted at Waterval plots in Tarlton by our sector vehicle. Officers called for backup and the vehicle was followed to the Randfontein CBD and pulled over.
“The officers discovered pieces of a chopped up cow. None of the suspects wanted to associate themselves with it,” said Matome.

He said after investigation, one of the suspects provided information that led them to an open field near Hillside, where they found more parts.

Owner Anton Lombaard said he was happy with the Tarlton SAPS’ good work and that the cow was worth about R7 000 (N164k). All five suspects were taken into custody and will appear in court soon.


  1. Is a big lie, Fulani paid yabaleft millions to write this rubish here after Senate ordered fct resident to slaughter any cow they see in abuja, Fulani herdsmen thought that people will be scared for hearing this childish tale. Fools.

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