Angel reacts

Big Brother Naija star, Angel Smith has taken to Twitter to fault women who confess to their partners after cheating on them.

She stated this in an apparent reaction to a trending WhatsApp conversation between a man and his girlfriend in which the lady admitted to getting intimate with another man.

Angel reacts

In the chat, the young lady, who felt guilty about her action, told her boyfriend about the affair and assured him that though they did ‘everything’, she didn’t have sexual intercourse with the man in question.

In her words, “We did everything except sex”.

Read the chat that has caused commotion online below,

Angel reacts

The chat started a discourse on social media and reality show star, Angel, also weighed into the discussion, asserting that it’s insane for a woman to confess that she committed infidelity.

According to her, women should gaslight their partners and deny cheating on their partner even if they claim to know about the affair.

The 22-year-old tweeted,

“Admitting you cheated as a woman is crazy. What happened to gaslight girl boss?😭”

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, “I’m joking; admit please😔”

See her tweet below,

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