Cristiano Ronaldo Reacts

Real Madrid’s top notch player, Cristiano Ronaldo has hit out at the sanction issued to him after he laid his hands on a match official against Barcelona.

The world football star took to his Instagram page to react to the ban. He wrote on his page:

Impossível ficar imune a esta situação, 5 jogos!! Parece-me exagerado e ridículo, isto chama-se perseguição! Obrigado aos meus companheiros pelo apoio e aos adeptos!!!

(yeah, good luck reading that!)

Cristiano Ronaldo Reacts

… It’s translated in English as:

Impossible to be immune to this situation, 5 games !! It seems to me exaggerated and ridiculous, this is called persecution! Thanks to my teammates for the support and the fans !!!

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