Daddy Freeze claims

Popular on-air personality, Daddy Freeze has stirred controversy online after he opined that the criteria for making heaven is not Christianity.

Freeze took to his Instagram page to make this claim on Sunday, December 19, while responding to a follower who asked if Muslims will go to heaven.

The 46-year-old asserted that it’s not only Christians who will be in heaven, as Muslims, Buddhists, Shintoists, and other religions will also make heaven.

 Daddy Freeze claims

According to him, the requirement for making heaven is not Christianity but love, and pastors have succeeded in lying to their congregants about the category of people that will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Someone asked me: “Daddy Freeze will Muslims make heaven? I said: Why not? “what about Buddhists, Shintoists and Atheist?” I answered: “It’s Possible, he said how?? I said the criteria for making Heaven is LOVE, NOT Christianity! ~ FRZ””

He added in the caption, “Many pastors are trying to sell a Iie to sustain their ministries and to maintain power, monopoly and control. Christ was NOT a Christian, neither did he teach Christianity; He taught us love!”

His post has sparked mixed reactions online, as some agreed with his stance while others disagreed with him.

@iteoluwanimi wrote, “I support you in this, people need to understand Christianity is not the way to make heaven, character is what will disqualify many from making heaven, the earlier we learn loving one another the better”

@bmpia wrote, “This man will take a lot of people to hell with him be very watchful as we are living in the last days.”

@benozery wrote, “It’s not true, God can’t pick at random. Jesus is the way to everlasting life, failure to exercise faith in him and Identify with him, eternal salvation is impossible.”

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